Individual Nature-Based Counseling & Psychotherapy

Individual Nature Based Counseling and Psychotherapy

Have you felt disconnected from your own life in a way that you just can't describe? Are you feeling a lack of motivation to participate in activities you once enjoyed? Do you feel like there aren't enough hours in the day among car pools, meetings, and your profession...or just showing up? Perhaps the anxiety and stress of the day-to-day are overwhelming and exhausting you.

It is normal to feel disengaged, depressed, or discontented when we spend hours sitting, whether it be commuting to and from or at our desks. You may have genuine, deep feelings that you are missing out on something that you just can't put a finger on. You may struggle to recall the last time you experienced a cool breeze on your face, listened to the sounds of a natural environment, or felt the sensation of a light perspiration on your skin. Nature may just hold some very positive and invigorating opportunities to once again engage with your own life.

Ecowellness, or the access to nature and one's connection with self and others through the natural environment, holds tremendous psychological, physical, social, and spiritual benefits. It encourages a more holistic wellness model concerning these domains. Research indicates that experiences within nature promote stress reduction, mindfulness, and improved mood with respect to anxiety, depression and negative affect, not to mention the physiological benefits of stretching your legs and being more active. Experiences in nature can improve our resiliency and coping abilities, as well inspire creativity. Nature-based counseling and psychotherapy services may include:

  • Walk and Talk Therapy with periodic rests breaks on a shady park bench
  • Longer, wilderness-based strolls in a state and/or public park
  • Animal Assisted Interventions
  • Horticulture Therapy

As a mental health counselor, I realize the importance of self-care through experiences with nature. It is difficult to show up for our loved ones, employers, and community when we aren't feeling nourished, rested, or invigorated. Let's experience the naturally healing powers of the beauty of nature all around us.

Fees for Nature-Based Counseling Services are variable and depend upon length of session, mileage to/from destination

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