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Seeing the Big Picture with Dr. Rick Hanson

With our current political climate, the ACTUAL environmental climate, and what seems like endless streams of negative media filled with global despair, how can we focus on the big picture and all that is actually going right in this world? How can we find hope and joy within our own experience to keep moving forward, rather than feeling bogged down with despair? Read more to learn how with an excerpt from one of my favorite brains and renowned psychologist, Dr. Rick Hanson. 

It is not unusual, and is actually quite normal, to experience a low mood or feelings of depression or anxiety in light of what Dr. Hanson refers to as our "negativity bias". Our brains are wired to be aware of danger or trouble, and to trigger our fight or flight responses to keep us safe. Unfortunately, the innate reactivity that is intended to keep us safe can also be detrimental to our mental health when we are in a constant state of alarm, even when no imminent danger is actually present. Think about all the millions of thoughts that pass through our minds that arouse fear, worry, anger, resentment, sadness....but in the grand scheme of things and in reality, these thoughts never come to pass. In addition to the practice Dr. Hanson shares in his passage, there are many ways to protect ourselves from this undercurrent of hyperarousal. Fresh Air Counseling helps adult individuals reduce distress and create a more vital life direction using therapeutic strategies designed specifically for your current experience. Contact us today to schedule a FREE 15 minute telephone consultation and learn how we can help cultivate change and create the quality of life that you deserve!

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