Though individual mental health concerns or issues are similar across the span of adulthood, many wellness programs do not speak to the multidimensional social, emotional, and psychological needs of the older adult. In fact, many initiatives designed for older adults focus only on social or physical health and wellness and use a "one size fits all" approach. They often do not consider the nuances of depression, anxiety or grief that may come from your unique experience. Fresh Air Counseling takes a different approach that addresses your individual strengths and past experiences coping with adversity, loss, or change, and collaborates with you to determine the path that best meets the needs of your current experience. 

You may feel that you are alone in your suffering whether your social connections have weakened since retirement, you are experiencing mood changes, depression, or anxiety and worry related to a physical loss or chronic health condition, or you are feeling overwhelmed by a series of losses of loved ones and dear friends. Perhaps you feel you are missing out on your life because you have lost interest in or now require accommodations to participate in activities once enjoyed. Maybe you just don't feel "heard" when talking with members of your healthcare community or family when you share these personal concerns. In light of these significant, sometimes devastating life changes, what you're feeling is quite normal and there is hope for you that someone will really listen. There is also hope for resilience, reconnection, and restoration of the vital life that you deserve. 

I work with adults across the lifespan, but I most love helping adults 65 and over achieve a valued, meaningful quality of life. During my years in training and practice, my research and interests have primarily focused on interventions that take your unique needs, desires, and strengths into account. In addition, I am a member of the Association for Adult Development and Aging division of the American Counseling Association, as well as a part of the Practice initiative and subcommittee of the Older Adults Task Force. With others in these groups, I strive to promote greater awareness of and access to mental health counseling services for older adults, advocacy and empowerment for older adults, funding for mental health services through Medicare, and the creation of programs designed to address resilience, hope, and connection. On the side, I enjoy sharing time with my canine "co-therapist" Gordon at local retirement communities for pet therapy sessions! Gordon' has earned himself quite a reputation and is a show-stealer when it comes to unconditional snuggles!

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Contact me today to schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation and to discuss your concerns and the path toward a better quality of life. The life that you deserve.

During our initial session, we will meet for approximately 75-90 minutes and get to know one another. This is a great opportunity for you to interview me to determine if you would like to begin our collaborative process toward resilience and hope. First sessions are $90.

During subsequent sessions, we will meet weekly or biweekly for approximately 50-60 minutes. These sessions can be structured or unstructured, and allow you a safe space to  explore uncomfortable emotions, talk about existential issues, or problem-solve, and then begin setting goals for a more meaningful and valued life direction. Sessions are $80.

I look forward to hearing from you and setting up our first appointment!

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