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Greetings, and thank you for your interest and for prioritizing the importance of your health! My name is Kelly Jerome, and I am a Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor Associate #A13568 in the state of North Carolina. I am also a National Certified Counselor #888985 and Certified Clinical Rehabilitation Counselor who maintains a private practice in Pittsboro, NC. My specialties include supportive services for the psychological needs of adults, as well as rehabilitation & vocational/career counseling and mental health services for adults of all ages. I am a trauma-informed and strengths-based counselor who respects the pace of your comfort in addressing emotional issues through the mind-body-spirit connection. 

My personal philosophies are that each of us are the experts in our own lives...and that none of us are perfect. I also believe that meaningful, supportive relationships are critical to our well-being and that it is ok to ask for help when we need it. Rising above the perils of perfectionism, both intellectually and physically, have been challenges in my own life, and I have also felt the pain associated with personal losses and traumatic experiences. I do understand how difficult life can be, and that it can be equally difficult to accept those challenges and how little control we have over our circumstances. Though I cannot always feel your your exact experience, I strive to provide you a nonjudgmental, listening ear and to offer the best tools and strategies to help instill hope for a more vital and valued life experience. We may not be always be able to change your circumstances, but I will be a partner and you will not have to go through the difficulties of life alone. 

The support I offer through a collaborative relationship enables exploration of difficult thought patterns, emotions, and behaviors that may hold you back from being your most authentic and vital self. Together, we can talk about your strengths in order to determine the very best strategies to help you adapt to past experiences or current changes and to embrace a more meaningful life experience with personal growth and resilience. 

I most enjoy co-creating healthy, meaningful lives with individuals across the adult lifespan who are from culturally diverse ethnic and racial backgrounds, spiritual orientations, and affectional orientations. Fresh Air Counseling is gender and body-size inclusive and affirming. I have special interest in working with individuals who are experiencing difficulties related to any type of loss, individuals with different abilities or facing barriers due to cognitive, developmental, physical or mental conditions, and older adults who are interested in exploring existential matters and aging well and in place. Whether your experiences have been depression, anxiety, grief, perfectionism, or trauma, I find it to be most worth your while to learn about and understand your values, your strengths, and your cultural norms. We then adapt the therapeutic process to meet your needs and expectations for the best possible outcome. Nature-based counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapy, compassion focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, narrative therapy, and reminiscence therapy are among the evidence-based therapeutic processes I use within a person-centered, affirmative, and strengths-based practice. I also use a Health at Every Size approach for those in recovery from an eating disorder or who experience body image issues, issues with food, or disordered eating patterns.

The benefits of our time together may include greater self-compassion and acceptance of your experiences; improved communications and more satisfactory relationships; enhanced coping strategies for handling stress, depression, and anxiety; greater self-awareness and personal insight into your strengths and creative spirit; and the self-confidence you may need to adapt to life after loss, embark on a new career trajectory, or engage in a new social or intimate relationship. Contact Fresh Air Counseling to begin our connection. I look forward to hearing from you.

 A little more about me....I am originally from the Chicago area, but am in profound love with the south, having lived in Texas (and really south--in Mexico and Belize), and now settling in Pittsboro, NC. My spouse and I are enjoying country living tending to gardens, honeybees, various farm critters, and our 4, elder rescue pugs. Two of our beloveds, Violet and Gordon, provide canine love and support to older adults through regular visits to retirement and independent living communities. When not tending to the homestead, I enjoy volunteering with local shelter animals, hiking the bountiful trails of NC, watching Turner Classic Movies, and exploring the diverse culinary offerings of the Triangle.

To learn more, feel free to check out my curriculum vitae: kelly-jerome-web-cv-04-03-2019.pdf

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